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Radiations Technology Center

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CTR Mission: Apply the technology of radiation and radioisotopes in industry, health, agriculture and the environment, producing scientific knowledge, forming human resources, transferring technology and generating products and services for our customers.

The CTR is a pioneer in activities focused on applications of radiation technology in the country and has a history of important achievements, in the most diverse segments of industry, health and the environment. The dynamism in developing new technologies associated with advances in other areas is one of the features of the application of radioisotopes and radiation. Traditionally, the technology center of radiation-CTR has been following this trend, becoming a reference in innovation of applications of nuclear technology, with high impact on the future of agriculture, health, industry and environment preservation. Research activities and investments made in reverse for producing CTR scientific knowledge, human resources training, technology transfer and generation of products and services to the brazilian society.

R & D activities using the technology of radiation and radioisotopes are directed to clients from different segments: chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, packaging, food, agriculture, heavy mechanics, basic sanitation, in addition to universities, research institutions, clinics and hospitals. Today, the CTR has a prominent position in the country, supporting the local community, in the use of radiation and radioisotopes for various applications, among which can be highlighted:

A-radiation Processing using the industrial electron accelerators and gamma lamps, in the following activities:

  • Development of new processes and products;
  • Production and modification of polymers, composites, nanocomposites, nanotechnology, natural polymers and Nanocomposites based on Graphene by radiation processing;
  • Development of packages processed by radiation to foods;
  • Radioesterilização of medical and pharmaceutical products;
  • Radioesterilização for biological tissue bank;
  • Pest control and preservation of food and agricultural products;
  • Processing of precious stones;
  • Pest control and preservation of cultural goods; and
  • Industrial effluent treatment and medical waste.

B-development of radiant, nuclear equipment and applications of radioisotopes in industry:

  • Development of radiation detectors and sensors;
  • Development of CT for industrial processes;
  • Development of irradiation devices;
  • Industrial dosimetry;
  • Development of radioisotope technology for multiphase processes industrial control (dynamic and static systems); and
  • Application of radiotraçadores in hydrology and in the control of industrial processes.

C-development and production of sealed sources for health and industry:

  • Development and distribution of 125I seeds used in Brachytherapy for the treatment of cancer;
  • Development of 192wires Go for cancer treatment;
  • Production of reference sources for calibration or standardization of the usual curiômetros of nuclear medicine; and
  • Production of radioactive sealed sources of 192Go and 60Co for industrial scintigraphy.

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