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Applications of Ionizing Radiations

The dynamism to be always developing new technologies, associated with the advancements of other fields, is the main characteristic of the nuclear technology application. The environmental preservation, radio-sterilization, grafting, curing, nanotechnology and polymer production are strongly associated with radiation processing and have being consolidated with the development of new irradiators. The progress of the instrumentation and information technology has stimulated the development of innovative gamma industrial tomography system for the optimization of multiphase industrial process. Basic research and nuclear technology application in the fields of food science, biomaterial, and nanotechnology have been improved continuously. Others fields, such as dosimetry, nuclear instrumentation and industrial electron beam, X-ray and gamma ray irradiators have been accomplished, showing their importance in the innovation of nuclear technology applications. As long as the processes, considered innovative in the present days, prove to be environmentally safe and economically more interesting, new nuclear applications tend to be standard in many areas. To follow this trend and to keep update, the Radiation Technology Center (CTR) Brazil has been working to spread the nuclear application techniques with new developments in standard applications and brand new nuclear technologies, with high impact on the future of the agriculture, medicine, industry and the environmental preservation. The CTR mission is "to apply the radiation and radioisotope technologies in Industry, Health, Agriculture, and Environmental Protection, expanding the scientific knowledge, improving human power resources, transferring technology, generating products and offering services for the Brazilian society”.

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